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2/3 dead

I have excellent experience in disaster recovery and mitigation techniques. I am comfortable working with kernel-level tools and small office backup solutions, as well as hardware repair and fault analysis.

I have successfully recovered from a 2 out of 3 drive failure RAID 5 catastrophe on an important legacy system. By replacing a board on one of the drives, we were able to recover enough to be able to rebuild the RAID container, boot into the operating system (Win Server 2003) and create a virtualized image to be run in a Hyper-V environment. From Hyper-V, the SQL databases were recovered with most of the data intact. Tables were rebuilt and pulled from secondary machines running the same software.

Every important system should have redundancy and off-site and offline backups are a must in this modern world filled with uncertainty, trojans from APT groups, and ransomware lockers that can encrypt every file on every drive on your network. When prevention is impossible, mitigation of risk is a must.

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