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One of my most favorite hobbies is taking things apart. From electronics to vehicles, I have a solid grasp on how to safely open and repair delicate electronics and components and have saved a lot of expensive items from becoming e-waste.

My experience includes repasting GPU and CPU dies, repadding VRM’s on many Graphics Cards, custom multi-GPU water loops, replacing damaged laptop power connectors, repairing water damage on BCM and ECU on a 2008 Infiniti, replacing hard drive control boards, replacing MOSFETs on car audio amplifiers, and countless PC hardware diagnosis’ and parts replacements. I have also done many simple repairs such as replacing Laptop and Cell phone displays, keyboards, and batteries.

I’ve invested my own funds into some specialty tools to ensure I can get the job done properly, including:
Hakko FX-888D
Fluke 117 True RMS

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